Many of the tens of students that I have supervised for their masters’ theses or PhDs have found employment in academic institutions. Many more have pursued careers in a variety of large organizations or as consultants. The following is only a sampling of the many subjects about which they have carried out research and written.


PhD Students

Orna Sasson-Levi (Supervised with Baruch Kimmerling): The Constitution of Gender Identities in the Israeli Military. Orna carried out her doctoral research about how male and female identities are created within military service with a special emphasis on the diversity of roles that they carry out. Her work was published by the Shaine Institute of the Hebrew University. She is currently a faculty member of Bar-Ilan University.

Debby Yahav-Heifetz (Supervised with Haim Hazan at Tel Aviv University): From Fighters to Peacekeepers: Negotiating Relations in the Joint Israeli-Palestinian Border Patrols. Her PhD provided a very innovative body and emotion-centered approach to the links between Israeli and Palestinian security forces. She is now an independent researcher and consultant and teaches about dance.

Katalin (Kati) Katz (Supervised with Yoram Bilu): Holocausts Stories of Gypsies from Hungary: Practices of Memory and Interpretation. One of the first works by an Israeli to tackle the experience of the Roma during the holocaust. She is a member of the Faculty of Social Work and Welfare at the Hebrew University.

Baruch Shimoni (Supervised with Yoram Bilu): On the Possibility of the Existence of a Global Managerial Culture: The Global and the Local in Cultural-Managerial Models of Local Managers in Global Business Firms [Japan, Israel, The United States, Mexico and Thailand]. Baruch’s work is an innovative approach combining anthropology and cross-cutlural management. He is a faculty member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Bar-Ilan University.

Gabriella Spector (Supervised with Haim Hazan): “An Old Man in Uniform is Like a Torn Israeli Flag”: The Narrative Identities of Senior Sabra Officers. Linking the study of military commanders with gerontology, Gabi’s work offers a fascinating analysis of how elderly generals come to terms with their old age.

Liora Sion: Dutch Peacekeepers: Between Soldiering and Policing (Carried out at The Free University of Amsterdam where I was Co-Promoter with Donna Winslow, Charles Moskos and Sjo Soeters). Liora’s work is the first anthropological analysis of the Dutch military and especially the ways in which gender and ethnicity figure in its modes of soldiering. Her work was published by the Shaine Institute of the Hebrew University. She now teaches at The University of Nottingham.

Tsipy Ivry (Supervised with Meira Weiss): Pregnant with Meaning: Conceptions of Pregnancy in Japan and Israel. Based on fieldwork in Israel and Japan this outstanding work shows the way in which cultures construct such basic states as pregnancy and birth. Tsipy now teaches a the Deparment of Sociology and Anthropology at Haifa University.

Orit Abuhav (Supervised with Harvey Goldberg): Anthropologists and Anthropology in Israel: An Inside Perspective on the Development of Israeli Anthropology. Orit’s doctorate was on the sociology of anthropology in Israel. She now teaches at Beir Berl Academic College.

Elly Teman: Social and Cultural Aspects of Surrogate Motherhood in Israel. Elly’s outstanding work focuses on the social and cultural construction of surrogacy in Israel and in a comparative perspective. She now teaches at the Ruppin Academic Center.

Oren Golan (Supervised with Reuven Kahane): The Computerization of Friendship: The Construction of Friendship Ties Through Computer Mediated Means (CMC) Among Youths. Oren analyzed the culture of youths as it is created and recreated through electronic means. He is now teaching at Northwestern University.

Claudia Liebelt (Supervised with  Burkhard Schnepel): Caring for the “Holy Land”: Transnational Filipina Domestic Workers in the Israeli Migration Regime (carried out at The University of Halle, Germany). Claudia’s PhD was based on fieldwork in Israel and focused on the special case of Filipinas who care for the elderly in the country. She is now a lecturer in the Faculty of Ethnology at the University of Bayreuth.

Nir Gazit (Supervised with Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi): Fragmented Sovereignty: Agency, Routine Politics and Military Violence in Intifada Al-Aqsa. Nir’s work offers an empirically based theoretical formulation of fragmented sovereignty. His masters’ these was published by the Shaine Institute of the Hebrew University.  He is a lecturer at the Ruppin Academic Center.

Anat Rosenthal (Supervised with Alex Weinreb): Raising our Children: Strategies for Coping with Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rural Malawi. Based on long term fieldwork this ethnography tackles the various ways in which children of parents who died of AIDS are handled. Anat is now a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the Hebrew University.

Erella Grassiani (Supervised with Desiree Verweij and Jan Abbink): Soldiering under Occupation – Processes of Moral Numbing among Israeli Conscripts during the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Based on fieldwork carried out in the Israeli Occupied Territories it charts out the ethno-moral models of soldiers. (Carried out at the Free University of Amsterdam). She now teaches at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Limor Samimian-Darash: State, Preparedness and Uncertainty: A Preparedness Assemblage for Biological Threats in Israel. Limor’s path-breaking work examines notions about and apparatuses for dealing with uncertainty engendered by non-conventional weapons. Her work was published by the Shaine Institute of the Hebrew University.  She is now a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University.

Noa Apeloig (Supervised with Gad Yair): The Advent of the ‘Intellectual Warrior’: Identity, Educations, and Communal Survival at Haskell Indian Nations University. Based on fieldwork carried out in the United States this ethnography represents an examination of identities as they emerge in a unique institution of higher education. Noa is now an independent consultant.

Ilan Dayan: Eyes Watching from Above: An Examination of the Debriefing in the Israeli Air Force. This social and psychological study that is Ilan’s PhD focuses on the intended and unintended consequences of the Israeli Air Force’s use of debriefings after flights. He is now an independent consultant.

Motti Safrai: The Implications of the Yom Kippur War for the Management of Human Resources on the IDF. Based on archival work and a close reading of the media following the 1973 war this sociological study analyzes the emergence of the people’s army during the time. Motti is now a researcher with the Center for Behavioral Sciences of the IDF.

Alona Harness (Supervised with Israel Katz): The Discourse on Change in Organizations: A Case Study of Combat Support Officers in the Israel Defence Forces. Alona’s doctoral study examines the lasting fashion of constant organizational transformation in the IDF.

Sveta Roberman (Supervised with Edna Lomsky-Feder): The Russian Jewish Communities of East Germany. Sveta’s PhD uses the case of these communities to investigate notions of work, leisure and identity in post-industrial societies. Sveta is now post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, Davis.

Masters’ Students

Efrat Ben-Ze’ev (Supervised with Harvey Goldberg): Tradition, Myth and Identity: Versions of Oral History in Abu-Ghosh Village. She is now senior lecturer at Ruppin Academic College.

Danny Kaplan: The Experience of Combat Service in the IDF and the Crystallization of the Homosexual Identity. (Department of Psychology). [website]

Dalit Bloch-Zemach: Tourist, “Dweller-Tourist” and All the Rest: The Dwelling Experience in Japan as a Case-Study for Conceptualizing a New Type of Tourist.

Julia Lerner (Supervised with Tamar Rapaport): Academic Knowledge in the Migration of ex-Soviet Students to Israel. Her work was published by the Shaine Institute of the Hebrew University and Ben-Gurion University.

Louise Wohllebe (Supervised with Edna Lomsky-Feder): Military, Masculinity and the Family. The Intergenerational Perspective of Fathers. (School of Overseas Students).

Idit Heichal (Supervised with Edna Lomsky-Feder): Israeli Locality Travels “East”: The Impact of the “Tour to the East” on the Life-Perceptions of Travelers.

Tamar Paroosh: Metaphorical Colorings: Organizational Metaphors in Theory and Exemplified through an Empirical Example. Her work was published by the Shaine Institute of the Hebrew University and Oxford University.

Hila Levy (Supervised with Edna Lomsky-Feder): The Bag-Packers: Motherhood and the Military in Israeli Culture.

Rinat Rousso: Combat Engagements in Lebanon: The Military, Professionalism and Models of Masculinity.

Nir Halevy (Supervised with Efrat El-Ron): Psychological Mechanisms of Integration and Identification in Peacekeeping Forces (Department of Psychology). Stanford University.

Efrat Cohen-Tuati: The Constitution of Identity of Female NCOs in a Teaching Camp in Israel.

Michal Laron (Supervised with Zev Rosenhek): Bereaved Parents and the Politics of Civil Society in Israel.

Vered Maneh 2003: Body, Weight Gain and Military Service of Women in Israel. (Department of Psychology).

Michal Krav-El (Supervised with Yoram Bilu): The Lubavitch Center in New York: Women Pilgrims. [University of Michigan].

Neta Bar 2003: Israeli Snipers: An Occupational Ethnography of the Perpetrators of Violence. [Duke University]

Aaron Anish 2003 : The Jobnik – Public Representations of the Male Rear-Echelon Soldier in Israel. (School of Overseas Students).

Ariel Vainer: Permanent Temporariness or Temporary Permanence? The Organization and Action of the Territorial Security System of the Shomron Settlements.

Tal Nitsan (Supervised with Edna Lomsky-Feder): The Boundaries of Occupation: The Rarity of Military Rape in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Avital Baikovitch: From Variability to Difference – Exploring the Israel-Japan Intercultural Discourse in an Organization.

Erez Trabelsi (Supervised with Nurit Stadler): Integration of Two National-Religious Communities After the Disengagement from Gaza.

Maya Lichtman (Supervised with Edna Lomsky-Feder): The Management of Emotions in Organizations – A Case Study of the IDF and the Disengagement from Gaza.

Shira Rivnai (Supervised with Nurit Stadler): In the Name of the Mother – The Protest of National-Religious Women Against the Disengagement from Gaza.

Tali Dressler: Ktsinot Nifgaim in the IDF: Between Administrative Expertise, Supervision for Functioning and Emotional Support.

Tamar Arev: Children’s Play? The Expression and Creation of Power Relations among Children through Socio-dramatic Play.

Shoshannah Finkelman: Not Just Out of Place: Litter and Cultural Codes.

Maya Nathan: The Equalizing Pub: The “Starman” Pub as a Case Study of an Israeli Neighborhood Pub.

Micha Wartsky: The Role of the Military Consultant in the IDF.

Ira Lyan (Supervised with Amalya Oliver): Joint Ventures between Israel and South Korea.