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Nissim Otmazgin and Eyal Ben-Ari (eds) 2011 Popular Culture and the State in East Asia. London: Routledge,. [Book Link]

Kobi Michael and Eyal Ben-Ari 2011 Contemporary Peace Support Operations: The Primacy of the Military and Internal Contradictions, Armed Forces and Society, 37(4): 657-79: 37: 657-679. [Book Link]

Eyal Ben-Ari,Zev Lehrer, Uzi Ben-Shalom and Ariel Vainer 2010 Rethinking the Sociology of Combat: Israel’s Combat Units in the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Albany: State University of New York Press. [Book Link]

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Eyal Ben-Ari 2018 Japanese Encounters: The Structure and Dynamics of Cultural Frames. London: Routledge

Articles in refereed journals

Edna Lomsky-Feder and Eyal Ben-ari 2012 Managing Diversity in Context: Unit Level Dynamics in the Israel Defense Forces. Armed Forces and Society 39(2): 193 – 212.

Amichai Cohen and Eyal Ben-Ari 2014 Legal-advisors in the Armed Forces: Military-lawyers in the Israeli Defence Forces as Mediators, Interpreters and Arbitrators of Meaning During Operations. Journal of Political and Military Sociology., 42: 125-48.

Meytal Eran-Jona and Eyal Ben-Ari 2015 Hybrid Conflicts, Multiple Logics and Organizational Transitions: Military Relations with Local Civilians. Res Militaris 4(2): 1-14.

Eitan Shamir and Eyal Ben-Ari 2016 The Rise of Special Operations Forces: Generalized Specialization, Boundary Spanning and Military Autonomy. Journal of Strategic Studies

Oren Golan and Eyal Ben-Ari 2017 Armed Forces, Cyberspace and Global Images: The Official Website of the Israeli Defense Forces. Armed Forces and Society.

Zev Drory, Eyal Lewin and Eyal Ben-Ari 2017 Kibbutz Under Fire: Back to the Days of the Sickle and the Bayonet. Israel Studies. 22(2): 121-44.

Eyal Ben-Ari and Nir Gazit 2017 Military Violence in its Own Right: The Micro-Social Foundations of Physical Military Violence in Non-Combat Situations. Conflict and Society: Advances in Research 3: 189-207.

Varda Wasserman, Ilan Dayan and Eyal Ben-Ari 2018 Upgraded masculinity: A Gendered Analysis of The Debriefing in the Israeli Air Force. Gender and Society.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2018 Weapons as (Lethal) Things: The Body, Emotions and Personal Firearms in the Military. Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology.

Articles in Books

Eyal Ben-Ari 2011 Public Events and Japanese Self-Defense Forces: Aesthetics, Ritual Density and the Normalization of Military Violence. In Maria Six-Hohenbalken and Nerina Weiss (eds) Violence Expressed: An Anthropological Approach. Farnham: Ashgate. Pp. 55-70. [Book Link]

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Eyal Ben-Ari 2011 Anthropological Research, and State Violence: Some Observations of an Israeli Anthropologist. In Laura A. McNamara and Robert A. Rubinstein (eds) Dangerous Liaisons: Anthropologists and the National Security State. Santa Fe: School of Advanced Research Press. Pp.167-84.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2012 (with Nir Gazit) Prolonged Military Occupation, Political Order and Military Violence, In Yoel Elizur (ed) “A Blot on a Light Cloud”: Israeli Soldiers, Army and Society in the Intifada. Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad. Pp. 199-226. (Hebrew)

Eyal Ben-Ari 2012 Israeli Soldiers, Japanese Children: Fieldwork and the Dynamics of Participant-Observation and Reflection. In Haim Hazan and Esther Hertzog (eds) Serendipity in Anthropological Research: the Nomadic Turn. Furnham, Surrey: Ashgate. 65-80.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2013 Militaries and the Multiple Negotiations of Intervention. In Gerhard Kummel and Bastian Giegrich (eds) The Armed Forces: Towards a Post-Intervention Era? Wiesbaden: Springer. Pp. 265-379.

Eyal Ben-Ari and Yagil Levy 2014 Getting access to the field: Insider/outsider perspectives In Joseph Soeters, Patricia Shields and Sebastian Rietjens (eds) Routledge Handbook of Methods in Military Research. London: Routledge. Pp. 9-18.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2014 Reflexivity: Potentially “dangerous liaisons” In Joseph Soeters, Patricia Shields and Sebastian Rietjens (eds) Routledge Handbook of Methods in Military Research. London: Routledge. Pp. 29-39.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2014 Theory building in research on the military In Joseph Soeters, Patricia Shields and Sebastian Rietjens (eds) Routledge Handbook of Methods in Military Research. London: Routledge. Pp. 301-11.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2014 (with Edna Lomsky-Feder) Performing the People’s Army: The Israeli Military Manages Symbolic and Moral Boundaries in Fran Markowitz, Stephen Sharot, and Moshe Shokeid (eds): Toward an Anthropology of National Building and Unbuilding in Israel. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. Pp 41-56.

Yehudit Sher, Ariel Vainer and Eyal Ben-Ari 2014 The IDF Moving Towards a Professional Force: Hybrid Wars, Multiple Logics-of-Action and an Incremental Military. In Elisheva Rosman-Stillman and Aharon Kampinsky (eds) Civil-Military Relations in Israel: Essays in Honor of Stuart A. Cohen. Lanham: Lexington Books. Pp. 69-81.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2015 Normalization, Democracy and the Armed Forces: The Transformation of the Japanese Military, In Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Nissim Otmazgin, and Alon Levkowitz (eds) Japan’s Multilayered Democracy. Lanham: Lexington. Pp. 105-22.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2015 From a Sociology of Units to a Sociology of Combat Formations: Militaries in Urban Combat. In Anthony King (ed): Frontline: Combat and Cohesion in the Twenty-First Century. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 73-92.

Amichai Cohen and Eyal Ben-Ari 2017 The Application of International Humanitarian Law by the Israel Defense Force: A Legal and Organizational Analysis. In Matthew Evangelista and Nina Tannenwald (eds) Do the Geneva Conventions Matter? Oxford: Oxford University Press. 198-218.

Lior Brichta and Eyal Ben-Ari 2017 Organizational Entrepreneurship and Special Forces: The Israeli Helicopter Squadron and the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (Sayaret Matkal) In Jessica Glicken Turnley, Kobi Michael and Eyal Ben-Ari (eds) Special Operations Forces in the 21st Century: Perspectives from the Social Sciences. London: Routledge. 200-11.

Eyal Ben-Ari 2017 Tanoshikatta ne? Learning to be Happy in Japanese Preschools. In Barbara Holthus and Wolfram Manzenreitter (eds) Life Course, Happiness and Well-Being in Japan. London: Routledge. Pp. 31-44.


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