Organization of Interdisciplinary Workshops

I have been active in organizing and participating in seminars and workshops in a variety of places. Among these you will find the following:

“War, Peace and the Military in Asia in Kyoto University (2005)” that brought together an interdisciplinary team to analyze recent developments in the armed forces of the area. [link]

“An Army That Has a State (2008)” was organized in order to explore the central place that the Israeli Defense Forces have in Israeli society and in its politics. [link]

“The ‘Dark Side’ of Life in Asia and the West: Night-time and the time to sleep (2006)” was a workshop designed to develop the social scientific and humanistic analysis of the night and activities that take place within it [link]

The European Association of Japanese Studies PhD Workshop is a forum bringing together young PhD students and older scholars to discuss various aspects of work and writing. I participated in the one held at Oxford (2007). [PDF | Download]

Organized at the Swedish Military Academy “Core Values and the Expeditionary Mindset (2010)” was devoted to the new missions that the armed forces of the industrial democracies are now charged with undertaking.[PDF | Download]