Japanese Expatriates in Singapore

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I carried out research on the Japanese business community in Singapore over the course of 22 months during the mid-1990s (1992-1994) and six months in the early 2000s. Here my main questions centered on what happens to Japanese men and their families when they leave Japan for an appointment abroad (usually for between three to five years). Alone or with my students from the National University of Singapore, I investigated such issues as golfing and drinking occasions, the internal workings of a Japanese book publisher, the lives of single Japanese women working in the island, and the models of the world that Japanese business men have.

Some of my writings about this subject were carried out with an anthropologist, a demographer, and an historian. In an edited book about the interlinkages between Japan and Singapore – done with Prof John Clammer of United Nations University in Tokyo and called “Japan in Singapore: Cultural Presences” – the emphasis was on compiling contributions from a variety of disciplines: anthropology, sociology, history, religious studies, and folklore.  Here we covered historical and contemporary issues as the entry of business corporations into the island, the conversion of Singaporeans to Japanese new religions, or the organizational life of Japanese businesses.



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